Sunday, November 16, 2008

Texas Turkey

Starting with my first year away from home in a quest for higher education I have dreaded the flight home to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving used to be my favorite, great food, and no present stress...until I moved away from home. The stress of Thanksgiving travel and high ticket prices coupled with more than one unplanned night spent in a random U.S. city en route to my final destination have soured me on the experience all together. Hence the initiation of Friends Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the fried Turkey tradition (drawn from my husband's Louisiana roots).
This year we decided to extend our thanks to the local farmer and seek out a Texas free range Turkey to share with our friends. Shockingly, this became a bit of a task. Local farmer's markets were selling local free range Turkeys for as high as $6.75/lb to a slightly more palatable $3.75/lb. Still...$88 for a 13lb Turkey? We love our friends...but maybe not THAT much...we could practically switch to Fillet Mignon for that price. Slightly angered at the elitist nature of the locavore movement, I almost opted for the free Kroger Turkey with a $50 purchase when...Co-Op to the rescue! Fran's Fryers, our normal supplier of chicken and sausage, carries Turkeys for $1.87/lb. We were floored at the price, with frozen Butterball Turkeys running $1.47/lb. We have 2 Turkeys on their way, local Thanksgiving is saved! :)

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Denver Jen said...

Good luck with your bird today! Happy Thanksgiving!