Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let the Planting Begin

Planting Day!
With my house warming gift of a basil plant wilting pitifully on my windowsill, I decided it was time to move it outside into the sun, and start my little garden. I have never grown anything before, and have successfully killed every single house plant I have owned. However, this time I think it will be different! I have a house with a real yard, live in a sub-tropical climate, and blinding optimism! I figure that starting with a container garden is the best option for a starter garden in Houston. We have clay for soil here, and I am not so blindly optimistic to rip up my backyard without testing my skills.
I had dreams of heading to a local nursery where I would be guided through the ins and outs of Houston gardening...however Sunday found me heading to Lowes. With tele-assistance from my brother-in-law in Denver, I worked my way through the garden section to search out seeds, pots, and some soil. First off, the seeds. Lowes doesn't have the best selection (shock!), so I went with what I thought would be yummy and what was available and would potentially grow in the Houston fall, or summer part two. I grabbed the following Ferry-Morse seed packets:
  • Arugula
  • Sugar Snap Peas
  • Sparkler Radishes
  • Swiss Chard
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley
Next up....some potting soil and containers. Eyeballing the packets and the growing constraints of my soon-to-be plants, I chose 3 containers: 2.5 ft wide x 1 ft deep wooden trough, 2 ft wide x 1 ft deep barrel, and a shallow 2 foot wide bowl for my herbs. I chose some Miracle Grow Organic potting soil.

Donning long sleeve shirt, leggings, gloves, and a hat (the mosquitoes are insane right now!) I set to planting. I placed my containers in my backyard deck in an area that gets full view of the sun from about 9:30am to 5pm. I transplanted my basil plant into the herb bowl and added in the cilantro and parsley. The Arugula and Radishes were planted together, and the swiss chard and sugar snap peas share the barrel. I gave my little seedlings a good watering and some well wishes for a good sprout!

Harvest Plan (per the packets)

  • Arugula - October 2nd

  • Sugar Snap Peas - November 1st

  • Sparkler Radishes -September 18th

  • Swiss Chard - October 22nd

  • Cilantro and Parsley - ?


David said...

I wonder who gave you that withering basil plant....

Good luck Steph.

LiOH 184 said...

OMG 4rugu1a roxxors teh b!g one!!1!!111