Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Veggie Claus!!

My friend Jess has become my enabler. No longer am I just a sporadic supporter of my local farmer via the Houston Farmer's Market, but am now a full fledged share holder!! Jess linked me up with some local families who purchase bulk local grass-fed/free range meat and poultry. Our first order arrived a few weeks ago. We ordered some chicken breasts, chicken sausage, and ground turkey through this group from Fran's Fryers. Wonderful!! I'll need to post some of the recipes.
Jess also introduced me to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). What a novel idea! Buy a share of a farm (based on your family size) and get whatever is ripe and in season that week! Being a recent transplant from Houston to the burbs I seriously have been missing my farmer's market and the best store on earth...Central Market.
While we tried to get into a few CSAs around town I stumbled upon a great alternative, an Organic City Co-op nearby. The Southeast Organic Co-Op offers weekly share buy-ins with a pick-up location near San Jac College in Southeast Houston. Great what a few people who care about what they eat can do!
Finally Monday morning I had a little surprise in my inbox...an offer to join BlueStar CSA. This CSA is made up of a group of 22 farms in Alvin, TX. They deliver right to your door!! You just leave a cooler on your front porch on the given day and voila...fresh "organic" produce magically appears!! The kind lady who runs the CSA offered for us to join that day! I eagerly placed my cooler on the porch, turned on the light, and went to bed. I popped out of bed at the sound of our alarm, ran to the door, and their it was....my first share! Neatly packed with care in my cooler was an assortment of beautiful produce...cantaloupe, strawberries, summer squash, long beans, green onions, yellow pepper, red potatoes... Being a LOVER of ALL things Vegetable I am in produce Heaven!
I was so inspired by the harvest that I planned my lunch already at 6am...before coffee and breakfast...Salad Nicoise. It was DELICIOUS. I haven't found anywhere in Houston that makes it right, but I am open to opinions!

Salad Nicoise Recipe:

Small Red Potatoes (boiled with salt), boiled long beans, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, tuna, olives, capers, and salt&pepper.

Dressing: red wine vinegar, Dijon Mustard, and Olive Oil (my new favorite: ArteOlivaHEB/Central Market in a gold "box" container)


Jess said...

Congratulations and welcome! I am so excited that you were able to join the CSA! Oh, how fun ;)

J. said...

Hi, I found your blog post and was happy to see the good feedback re: BlueStar CSA. Do you happen to have contact information for them? I can't find it anywhere and am eager to check them out . . .

S- said...

j -
To be honest we have had some challenges with the CSA. I think it is bad timing...Ike and bad weather has limited our deliveries. We have received only 4 deliveries in about 2.5 months. Each delivery is great with farm fresh eggs, great veggie variety and freshness, and thoughtfull placement in the cooler on our front porch. The owner of the CSA, Laura, is not so computer savy, so she has been seriously sidelined with computer problems, which added to the delivery delays. One of my friends has been a member for over a year and raves about the CSA. You can request membership to Blue Star CSA off the link to the multiply site on my page. You may need to email a few times because I think she loses the requests on occasion. Good luck, and let me know if you need more info!

Hannihaus said...

Hello, just found your post today. Can you tell me which group you joined that offers free range meats (through frans fryers)?

S- said...

Sorry for the late reply...the co-op I belong to is a group of friends/co-workers, however I beleive that there is another public co-op for frans fryers:
I saw the following post from the Houston Organic Distribution:
Hello Group Members,

I just wanted to put out there that our CoOp is collecting meat orders
until Tuesday for Frans Fryers. A local rancher in Milford, TX, who only
butchers a couple times a year. I've found over the past few years that I can't
beat the quality and prices that you get from Frans, hands down.
Oh my I sound like a commercial that I'm not even getting paid for anyway
if your interested in ordering go to his site select your cuts, and email
me your order. There is a refundable $20 deposit, and you pick up on Aug.

That simple!!!

Have had a great weekend Guys


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